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Just another day after office, scotching heat of the typical Indian summer. That’s when I decided to stop by at Kanishka’s Skating Academy and take a look at all the kids who were training at the academy under International player and National Gold Medalist Mr.Kanishka Dharani Kumar. The fiery climate hardly mattered to the kids who were coming in with no frowns or any signs of getting exhausted. The intensity of the sport along with the passion of the kids and dedication of the coach fascinated me so much, that I decided this not only needs my attention but also my camera’s! Many of us think that victories are instant or overnight but the actual fact is, that one second of sheer joy takes hours of repeated shattered and drained bodies and minds working for hours, days and perhaps even years together. The typical day for a skater starts with warm up jogs, stretches which are then followed by some high intensity ground training, cross training and off skate workouts. I managed to click pictures of all the above workouts just so that I can show you all what it actually looked like to spectate a live training session. The kids undergoing training were averaged from 5 to 17 year old which pretty much explains the typical transition of an average kid to a seasoned athlete with many of them skating for more than even 10 years! The workouts under which these kids were put through for an average being would sound like doing Everest-ing but for kids here its a sequence of training. These workouts are followed by few minutes of relishing time to rejuvenate and rehydrate themselves for another set of new drills! They might be mentally and physically exhausted but never content with amount of calories they’ve burnt or the hours they’ve trained! Skaters are quick to lace up their boots and get on track whizzing past us on top of the wheels whilst the coach was ready with his logs and stopwatch to start off the training. He was also quick to instruct the skaters what he needed from their training. I did manage to click few shots of the skaters aggressively racing past me and a bunch of them even cornering at the curves which typically made me feel “Wouldn’t that really take some serious guts to do that kind of turns!?” Their speed skating schedule saw them train for races at high speeds which was then followed by Roll ball – A team game played on skates with a ball with each team trying to outscore one another (Something like handball on roller skates). The game was evenly poised with players with both teams showing no empathy to one another. The game went on till extra time leading to penalty shoots which saw one team come on top! Their day might have ended with one set of skaters coming out content while the other set determined to set-right the account! There was intense emotions, tense faces with loads of rivalry but not even a bit of enemity! After all thats what sports is all about! Right? There were few things very evident from the few hours of my time into this sport. They were all on the right path to reach the pinnacle way before the others even find their path to glory! There are other beautiful sports into which thousands and lakhs of athletes putting their hearts and soul other than cricket! Its high time we take all the sports under same priority and treat all the sportsmen as one because at the end of the day India will be made to feel proud only with an olympic gold irrespective of which sport it comes from! - A story from the heart of both the camera and photographer.

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